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Elly Minator VST

26 June 2019, Wednesday

Elly Minator is a first anti-feedback VST-plugin. The main target is to give a possibility to increase the level of microphone signal by shifting the threshold when a feedback howl occurs. Essentially, algorithms with high precision will leave the desired signal pure. 
Elly Minator is developed for live-sets, to give a possibility to make your voice louder or use dynamic processing, such as compression with more aggressive settings. 
There are two algorithms inside, used together: feedback destroyer, which detect and suppress the howl, means working with already appeared feedback and preaction algorithm which prevents feedback occurrence. 
Advantages of Elly Minator: no hardware necessary, high precision filters which will not affect your voice, cheaper than hardware destroyers and, yah, we are the first who did it in VST. 

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