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Venm Distortion Clip – Windows Only

27 June 2019, Thursday

Venm is an asymmetrical distortion unit with 4 serial filters. It is mainly used to distort kick drums & produce gritty sonic characteristics unique to its distortion and filter setup. Not limited to drums, Venm can be used on a variety of material. From gentle character to apocalyptic distortion, there is a lot of versatility within this application. It can be installed and accessed from any program supporting VST plugins.

Venm Specs

  • 1x HighPass: 6dB/Octave
  • 2x LowPass: 6dB/Octave
  • 1x HighShelf: 6dB/Octave – With Adjustable Slope & Gain
  • Distortion Type: “Symmetrical Split” algorithm, dual Tube simulation
  • VU Meter: Vintage style with clip display
  • BackPanel: Access to Tube, HS & Menu settings
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