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Ambient Loops Collection 3

31 May 2019, Friday

Ambient loops contains 100 wave samples. the collection is 24 bit and, running from 120 bpm. most of the loops are cutting to the edge end of sound and, can adjust to each other forming a complete melody from the same category.
            Ambient loops collection was born with digital and analog vintage synthesizers.
            Inside the package - features:
            Sine lead synth - 30 sounds; characterized by 2 waveforms when the prominent between them is sine waveform. ambient sine lead effected by small reverb and limiter devices are contributing a huge harmony cubage.
            Pad samples - 15 sounds; contains 5 pad sound, each sound recorded in 3 different octaves: c2, c3, c4. total 15 pad samples. suitable for all dark, ethereal atmospheric ambient pads.
            Pad loops - 15 sounds; although it's short pack but very high quality pads, simply great of soundtracks, deep, and chill sounds.
            Keyboard loops - 10 sounds; the pack is designed with 2 synth waveforms: sine and square to get a clear analogic pure keys sense. it's can fit easily for lounge, chillout, and new age productions.
            Bell loops - 10 sounds; beautiful chords playing next soft pleasant melodies ranging music rhythms from Down beats
            Bass loops - 20 sounds; the category belongs for downtempo, psy, dark style which the current characterized with popular minimoog synthesizer.
            The pack suitable for most ambient genres and can be easily fit for goa trance, psychill, new age, lounge, background music and for many more.
       the collection loops preformatted for all the main samplers and sequencers such as FL Studio, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Sony Acid and Propellerhead Reason.
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