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21 February 2019, Thursday

OpenMPT is being developed since 1997 (initially named ModPlug Tracker) and can be used as a "classic" sample-based tracker to edit and play your favourite tracked music, but also as a modern DAW with plugin support and other great features. Here, you can find some of the key features of the tracker.

  • Native and fast Windows GUI – accessible by screen readers and suitable for blind users
  • No installation needed, fully portable
  • VST effects and VST instruments supported
  • DirectX audio plugins (DMO effects) supported
  • Fully configurable keyboard layout (OpenMPT comes with key maps in various flavours including Impulse Tracker and Fasttracker 2 style, as well as a Dvorak layout) - shortcuts can also be bound to MIDI CCs.
  • Support for multiple sequences ("songs") in one file - write entire soundtracks in one little module file!
  • Support for custom tunings
  • Suitable for live performances: Queue patterns, automate VST parameters using a MIDI keyboard, start and stop your modules with MIDI messages…
  • Decimal tempos are supported for perfect syncing with other sound sources.
  • Templates can be used to quickly access often used combinations of samples, pattern, instrument, plugin,… settings.
  • Built-in OPL3 emulator.
  • High compatibility with Impulse Tracker, Scream Tracker 3, Fasttracker 2 and ProTracker.

Editor features

  • True multiple document interface - open many modules at the same time and copy&paste between them!
  • Tabbed layout
  • Support for drag and drop in various places
  • Fast access to various places through the treeview: Load modules, samples and instruments directly from the treeview's built-in file browser
  • Up to 127 channels for editing (256 virtual channels)
  • Two editor modes: MOD / XM and S3M / IT effect notation
  • Many supported sample and instrument formats: WAV, FLAC, W64, PAT, S3I, SBI, AU, CAF, SMP, ITS, RAW, AIFF, 8SVX, DLS, MSS, SF2, XI, ITI, SFZ, Ogg, Opus, MP3 and more through Media Foundation codecs!
  • A versatile sample editor with useful features like sample normalization, DC offset removal, phase inversion, amplification, high-quality resampling, etc… You can even draw your own samples using the mouse!
  • Record live from your MIDI keyboard directly into the patterns or send pattern notes to any external MIDI device
  • Automate VST plugins directly from the patterns and write automation data directly into the pattern when turning the knobs on your VST interface
  • Edit one module in multiple windows, e.g. on several monitors

Audio output

  • Output via WaveOut, DirectX or low-latency ASIO, WASAPI and Kernel Streaming / WaveRT
  • Up to 192 kHz, 32-Bit, quad surround
  • Several resampling algorithms are available
  • Built-in global equalizer to correct for sound system deficiencies


  • Composer 669 / UNIS 669 (669)
  • ASYLUM Music Format / DSMI Advanced Music Format (AMF)
  • Extreme's Tracker / Velvet Studio (AMS)
  • CDFM / Composer 670 (C67)
  • Digi Booster Pro (DBM)
  • Digi Booster (DIGI)
  • X-Tracker (DMF)
  • DSIK Format (DSM)
  • Digital Tracker / Digital Home Studio (DTM)
  • Farandole Composer (FAR)
  • General Digital Music (GDM)
  • Ice Tracker / SoundTracker 2.6 (ICE / ST26)
  • Imago Orpheus (IMF)
  • Impulse Tracker (IT)
  • Impulse Tracker Project (ITP)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Music (J2B)
  • SoundTracker and compatible (M15 / STK)
  • DigiTrakker (MDL)
  • OctaMED (MED)
  • MO3 compressed modules (MO3)
  • ProTracker / NoiseTracker / etc. 1 - 99 channels, 15 or 31 samples (MOD)
  • OpenMPT (MPTM)
  • MadTracker 2 (MT2)
  • MultiTracker (MTM)
  • Oktalyzer (OKT)
  • Disorder Tracker 2 (PLM)
  • Epic Megagames MASI (PSM)
  • ProTracker 3.6 IFF (PT36)
  • PolyTracker (PTM)
  • ScreamTracker 3 (S3M)
  • SoundFX / MultiMedia Sound (SFX / SFX2 / MMS)
  • ScreamTracker 2 (STM)
  • SoundTracker Pro 2 (STP)
  • UltraTracker (ULT)
  • Unreal Music Package (UMX)
  • Grave Composer (WOW)
  • FastTracker 2 (XM)
  • Compressed modules in ZIP / LHA / RAR / GZ archives


  • MIDI (MID) - OpenMPT is not a MIDI editor, though.
  • Uncompressed Wave (WAV)



  • Impulse Tracker (IT)
  • ProTracker 4 - 99 channels, 31 samples (MOD)
  • OpenMPT (MPTM)
  • ScreamTracker 3 (S3M)
  • FastTracker (XM)

Rendering / Exporting

  • PCM and Float Audio up to 192 KHz, 32-bit, quad surround (WAV, FLAC, AU)
  • Opus, Ogg Vorbis (built-in) and MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (MP3) through external codecs
  • MIDI (MID)

Download OpenMPT 32-bit  
Download OpenMPT 64-bit 


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